Hey, I’ve moved!

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It’s time for a new start.

Visit my new web site,, to discover all of my great projects.

Go to as this site will no longer be updated and will in time be deleted.

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Time to talk about some projects I’ve finished. I like talking about those things.

Today, I finished the revamped Uncovering Oklahoma web site. It features the new logo that I’ve created. I also posted a performing arts Question and Answer session with Lyric Theatre‚Äôs Artistic Director, Michael Baron on their latest production, Boeing Boeing, which can be read here. I enjoy doing these Q&As as there are easy and unique since the local publications mainly do reviews and articles. My last Q&A was with Ghostlight Theatre Club on The Last Days of Judas Iscariot.

Toward the end of March, I actually finished writing out my novella, The Crashing of Heaven and Hell. I’ve sent it to friends for them to read and give me feedback. When I get it back from T.j. Schumann (who’s providing feedback and editing), and make my revisions, I will then have a book editor take a final look at it. While my friends are reading, I’ll be working on other aspects such as the book trailer, cover, and publicity. Gosh, there’s so many little things I could say about my progress. I’m glad I fixed my “trouble” chapter. I went outside one night and typed away on my iPod Touch. I found it to be just the inspiring boost I needed. When I write stories, I tend to have a “troubled” scene that I just hate. This chapter is the second to the last chapter, so I’m keeping quiet about it. Spoilers. :)

Well, it’s late and I’m rather tired. Goodnight!

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Showing versus Telling

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For starters, like the new layout? I love it.

Now, for today’s post. I’m sharing my thoughts on showing versus telling when it comes to stories.

I find telling what is going on is a great way to get ideas out quickly. However, it’s not the best way to get a feel for the scene and the characters. Here’s an example of something I had written in my book, The Crashing of Heaven and Hell.

Enjoying this view was a Tutelagion named Kart.

Boring. Totally, totally, boring. Plus, it lacked information such as how was he enjoying the view and what was the view like? After some revisions, here’s what I came up with.

With his feet resting on the dashboard of a Class One Protector Ship, a Tutelagion named Kart took a deep sip of his warm green-leaf tea while he studied the traffic below rush by like colorful brush strokes.

By showing how Kart was enjoying the view, I developed the character’s personality and revealed the scenery too.

My favorite example of showing that I actually happens several times throughout the story when I show one of the character’s love for another. Instead of just simply saying that he loved her, I have several bits where he’s doing something for her to show his affection. Sometimes to truly show something, you need to do it multiple times. Most of the time, it’s subtle things that are only a sentence long that can be powerful.

More on my writing process another time!

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I have some exciting things to share that I’ve been working on!

I’ve decided that every day in March I’m going to work on my novella, The Crashing of Heaven and Hell. I’ve been hung up on increasing my word count. It stands at 28,000 words – way short of a novel for publication. It didn’t help when I read that publisher, Angry Robot Books, was having an open door month in March and they want at least 75,000 words. However, I have heard that my book length is great for a novella ebook. Recently, I read a success story of a self-plublished ebook, thought of how I can be successful myself, and became inspired to take that route with my story.

To keep motivated, I’m asking my friends for feedback on snippets I’ll share through Facebook. I even made an event in my iCal to write for it every day. I am still scheduling time to work on my other projects, such as SoaH and Uncovering Oklahoma. I’ve been scheduling when and what projects to work on lately as I found it makes me more productive. I also have an idea for a short movie, The Belief, that I would like to start soon (but no more about that as I don’t want to spoil anything).

As for Uncovering Oklahoma, the site has been updated fairly regularly with articles on events. Sasha and I recently filmed a segment on the bone museum. It still needs to be edited. I am in the process of having a logo designed for the show. Basically, logo design is a bitch! It hasn’t been easy. My friend, Stf Bidelspach, came up with several good designs, but neither Sasha and I loved any of them. This past Sunday I got together with Anthony Nguyen and we brained some ideas, but didn’t create anything solid. I just tried to create one myself after an inspiring idea to use the Rouge 66 sign design. Let’s just say, it needs some work.

Well, there you have it. Now, it’s time for me to work on my ebook. :)

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Opening Night

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I wanted to share these OKC Improv videos I filmed for the improv troupes performing at Opening Night. Opening Night was the big Oklahoma City New Year’s Eve Party. I received a performer’s button so in between shows I was able to enjoy free food. Anyway, here are the four shows.

* Everybody and Their Dog:
* The MiDolls
* Villain: The Musical
* Twinprov

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A New Year

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So, it’s 2011 and I haven’t updated updated this blog in months. I’ll blame it on a combination of laziness, forgetfulness, and simply not feeling comfortable to share personal matters here. The biggest event since my last post was getting married to a wonderful girl, who has been huge help in my life as I have been to her.

I’m really not sure what to write about today. I’ve been thinking about making a post for days. One day I’ll be in the mood to talk about this and the next day I don’t want to talk about that thing. In general, 2010 in review seemed like a huge failure. However, as I read over my older blog posts I began to feel rather accomplished.

I could write about my plans/goals/hopes/dreams for 2011, but you probably don’t like spoilers. ;)

Simply put: I will be more successful this year.

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